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You’re just terrific at your job – I look forward to meeting you in person.
John Q: Sep. 2018


Rescheduling with Villa Madeleine
Oct 17, 2017, 6:08 PM

For anyone having to ponder the question of "to go or not to go", and you booked with Villa Madeleine, Anne will take care of you either way you go!. After exchanging emails with Anne since Maria came through, we came to the decision that our visit at Christmas should be postponed. We were thankful that Villa Madeleine has a 1 year rebooking window due to disasters. Why? Because I always say insurance is for suckers. I ate those words! We looked at our options and our next available window was in March during our son's Spring Break. Great, let's look at the calendar on their website. Uh-oh, booked that week. So here we go setting off to look for a week we can go this summer when school is out. I made a side comment to Anne that the week in March was our next available window, but was booked. The next thing I know she fires back saying that she contacted the villa owner and that it was the owner that had that time blocked out and that they agreed to let us have the week!!! Wahoo!! A day later I have new paperwork for the villa AND she got our Jeep rental changed as well.

Why am I writing this? To let anyone that is booking with Villa Madeleine know that they take of their guests!! Anne has taken the worry out of everything. She's a gem! We can't wait to relax at Caribe and explore the island. I have not been on the island since 2005; which was for work.


1. Re: Rescheduling with Villa Madeleine
Oct 17, 2017, 6:27 PM

We love Anne, too! We are there, early March, too. We have previously stayed at Caribe - very well appointed. Have a great time!


Thanks, Anne.  We appreciate your help so much.  
One of the reasons we have returned so often to Villa Madeleine is because of you! (Jan 2017)

Thank you so much Anne!  We cannot believe how simple you have made this for us. (June 2017)